This was the title given to Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, by Pope Benedict XVI, when he canonized her on October 28th, 2012, along with six others, in Saint Peter’ Square (she had been beatified by Pope John Paul II back in 1980). With Saint Joseph as our protector, along with the Canadian martyrs, we seem to be well covered here in Canada, whatever our current distress. Fear not, says Christ in today’s Gospel, walking on the sea towards His apostles, I am, invoking the divine name given first to Moses.

(In one of those many quirks of providence (from our perspective), this is also the day that Pierre Trudeau signed, with Queen Elizabeth II, our current ‘constitution’, the Charter of Rights of Freedoms. We will have more to say on that in a subsequent post, as yet-another-endless-lunatic lockdowns is imposed on our fair land).

‘Protectress of Canada’ is quite the title for such a young woman, hidden from the world, dying on this day in 1680, in the backwoods, in the youngest days of this nation when it was a French-English colony, a vast, endless land of forest, field, tundra, lakes and rivers, a few villages dotted here and there. But what seems insignificant in earthly eyes, is great in the sight of God.

Praise the Lord

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