Something momentous has happened recently that has gone under the radar for most Christians. While the pandemic raged across the globe and a U.S. Presidential election turned into political turmoil, a wall that stood as an impenetrable fortress against the Christian Faith for 1400 years was breached. The very platform of the Tech giants, one that promotes an environment hostile to Christian beliefs and stifles opposing Christian voices, has been instrumental for this “Walls of Jericho come crashing down” moment. The historic implications and aftermath of these events should embolden and energize Christians. 

The genesis was September 11, 2001, when America woke up to the threat of Islamic Jihad and terror. Catholics and Orthodox, who had always understood Islam as a Christian heresy, encouraged an ecumenical approach to Islam in the hope of helping their faithful in Muslim-majority countries. These dialogues have borne fruit in some quarters but have been barren in most. 

Evangelicals, at this first serious encounter with Islam, explored its tenets. They realized, to their dismay, the depth of Muslim missionary work and the converts gained in the West. But reading Islam with a Christian understanding of Creator, salvation, hell, heaven, prayer, and prophethood handicapped them from truly critiquing Islam. Islamic scholars engaged Evangelical ministers in debates and leveraged German Biblical Historical-Critical studies to attack the reliability of the Bible and the Christian doctrines of the Resurrection and Trinity. In most debates, the Christians were on the defensive, and Muslim missionaries widely circulated these debate videos and successfully won more adherents. 

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