It has been a beloved custom of priests from across the earth to say a private Mass on one of the 45 side altars or 11 chapels when visiting the great Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the centre of Christendom, oft in the early morning light,. The liturgy would be with one server, or a group of pilgrims, in their own language, or perhaps in Latin, the universal tongue of the Church. As readers may be aware, this has now been forbidden by mysterious authority in an unsigned letter, as of March 22. Priests are still permitted to concelebrate in the public Masses, all said in Italian. On this anniversary of the institution of the sacraments of Holy Orders and the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper by Our Lord, the ‘great High Priest’, we thought it fitting to publish Cardinal Zen’s heartfelt open letter to Cardinal Sarah, the former prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, begging that this ban be lifted. How much we should value and pray for our beloved shepherds, who have laid down their lives for their flock! May they once again be able to pilgrimage to Rome, to offer the Holy Sacrifice, themselves and their God!  (Editor)

To His Eminence

Card. Robert Sarah

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