“Those forty days, then, and forty nights, I lay prostrate before the LORD, because he had threatened to destroy you.” (Deuteronomy 9:25)

Fr. Dominik Chmielewski SDB was one of several priests who had performed an exorcism on a girl. For many years the demon proved unyielding.  Occasionally, a perfect storm of vituperation broke out against the gathered priests. They decided not to tolerate this situation any longer. The following is Father’s recollection of that momentous event:

“…And the following inspiration came: `Break the pride of this demon by your humility. `Lord, what should I do?  Then an image of me lying prostrate before the Blessed Sacrament emerged. So I lay before the Blessed Sacrament repenting for my sins, the sins of the girl, and her family. Suddenly, a mighty roar could be heard: `You swine! Who commanded you to pray like this? How do you know that you should pray in this way? Get up right now, divine…!`”  As the second exorcist observed what was going on, he said to the people present: “Everybody lay prostrate before God.”

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