Last week, Leila Lawler and Leila Miller co-authored an article for Crisis Magazine entitled Catholic Men, Rise Up and Fight. This exhortation is a Cri de Coeur from women who are sick of what’s going on in their Church, and they are begging men to address the problem. Here is one man’s response.

Mesdames Lawler and Miller, I hear you. 

You rightly perceive some of the problems we see in the Catholic Church in America, particularly as regards the absence of men. This has been a favorite topic of mine for years, since I myself was exhorted by a column written by a good friend that appeared in Crisis Magazine almost 14 years ago entitled The New Catholic Manliness. I have experienced the withering in my own soul, enticing me to just stop trying and let the Church continue its downward spiral until it crashes miserably (and I believe it will), hoping that some of us will be around to pick up the pieces and rebuild. I have watched as effeminate men in positions of authority tolerate the intolerable and create a culture of squishiness within the Church that is distasteful and offensive to both men and women of good will. And I have endured decades of liturgy with sappy music, therapeutic homilies, and what amounts to an hour-long kum ba yah session. What surprises me is that there are any men left in the Church.

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