A continued blessed and joyous Easter to all our readers, on this second day of eight days of solemnities, each day an ‘Easter Sunday’ – then another month of the Easter season, until Pentecost, and the great feasts that follow: Pentecost, Ascension, Corpus Christi, and the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

I was going to write about the lockdown in Ontario, called for right, wouldn’t you know, before Easter (taking effect Holy Saturday), just as the last one was called for at Christmas – but didn’t have the heart over the Triduum. It’s almost as thought they don’t want us to go to Mass. Where I live, attendance at any religious service is capped at 15%, and for that so many are grateful. I suppose we must thank God for blessings great and small, but be sure to thank God, and not our benighted leaders, who have no right to ‘give or take’ anything at all, least of the Liturgy and the Sacraments; everything God has created and given most defintely does not belong to them, and that includes our freedom, most of all the religious variety. What power do our political potentates have over the Pantocrator? None, none at all.

The psychological and societal distress these Covidian measures are causing is becoming more and more evident. One friend of mine mentioned she was watching a film made in the 1940’s, and was surprised – just for an instant, mind you – that someone walked into a public establishment, and she thought, ‘hey, he’s not wearing a mask!’, and then thought, ‘wait a minute…’. And I look with nostalgia at old college videos and photos – and by ‘old’ is just over a year ago, but seeming aeons in the past – of people arm in arm, in groups, playing games, dancing, laughing, singing, frolicking and having fun…

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