I don’t watch the ‘mainstream’ news – good for one’s mental and spiritual clarity in these days – but caught a bit of the headlines last week sort of by accident (on CNN, I think it was). Joe Biden plans to cut ‘carbon emissions’ – that ill-defined hydra – by 30-50% by 2030. Hmm. A man on a mission.

Of course, he chose this fifty-first anniversary of ‘Earth Day’ to announce his bold ambition at a virtual ‘Climate Summit’, with the quixotic goal to be reached by the sixtieth. The keynote speaker was none other than the cadaverous, sometime-presidential candidate, now ‘climate envoy’, John Kerry, whose speech garnered about 25 viewers in total, in a planet estimated to hold seven billion. So much for capturing the zeitgeist.

‘Earth Day’, first officially celebrated on this day in 1970, with its roots in the nascent environmentalist movement, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, the exaggerated effects of DDT and everything else, back-to-the-landers, hippies reacting against the bourgeois mentality of their (to their jaded eyes) stultified, suburban post-War upbringing, and so on. There was no global warming back then – in fact, the fear, if anything, was just such a return to another ice age.

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