Are you one of those Catholics who are fed up? Are you fed up with corruption and heresy in the Catholic Church, unrest and turmoil in our society, Catholic priests and bishops who seem to condone immorality and participate in it themselves? Members of the hierarchy who are in cahoots with secular powers?

If you are, do you regularly partake of the blogs and websites that focus on the problems? Maybe you like to watch Taylor Marshall’s videos in which he dwells on the corruption and compromise at the Vatican. It could be you tune in regularly to Michael Voris’ Church Militant website, LifeSite News, the Remnant or some other outlet that focuses on the terrible “signs of the times”. Sometimes a steady diet of this material leads one into conspiracy theories, far fetched end times prophecies and supposedly supernatural signs and wonders that link with Marian apparitions, portents and whisperings of doom.

I follow some of this content from time to time and I am increasingly weary of the whole long parade of doom dealers. Yes the faith is under attack from without and corruption and betrayal from within. Thus it has always been since Judas betrayed the Lord and Peter denied him.

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