The story of Holy Week recounts the historical events surrounding Jesus’ Passion, Death, and Resurrection; but it also pinpoints common failures of humanity while providing the antidote that ultimately saves us. A suffering world needs to dive into the causes of darkness that surround it and investigate deep within itself to ask how we ought to move forward toward the light of the empty tomb. 

Surveying the past year in our Church, nation, and world allows for easy access into the powers of evil still at play beyond the Passion narrative. COVID-19 was lethal and killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and over two million people worldwide. Humanity, as a whole, was ushered into a true fear of death for oneself and one’s loved ones. There has been no other time in world history where almost all of earth’s inhabitants were contemplating the nature of death at the same time with such proximity and possibility. 

The realm of the internet, social media, and instant access to information allowed for the entire world to experience something frightfully similar at the same time. That real fear of death, however, is truly with us all the time. COVID-19 simply forced us to think about its power soberly and seriously. Countless people across the globe rarely look at death’s sting unless they are paying their respects at a wake or funeral. Even then, we often busy ourselves with small talk, say a prayer, and then return to our everyday habits.

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