A Stirring Sermon, and Summary of You Know What

A blessed continued Eastertide to all our readers! Christus resurrexit! In spe gaudentes! Alleluia! Χριστός Ανέστη!

I just finished grading my final exams – hence the mild note of euphoria – so a few thoughts for your ponderings, and please do send along your own. After all, truth is best sought in dialogue:

In the spirit of that Greek greeting, and courtesy of a friend of mine, would that we Catholics might hear a sermon like this one preached in an Orthodox church. As the same acquaintance put it, the Easterners will play a central role in the final eschatological battle, as recounted in Soloviev’s ‘The Tale of the Antichrist‘. Of course, we Catholics used to hear such sermons – today’s Saint Anselm certainly had no difficulty speaking truth to power, as the saying goes, exiled twice by powerful kings, but who both called him back – and still do in some places. May the divine parrhesia of Christ and His Apostles inflame our pastors with holy zeal!

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