Eccentricity, says Ambrose Bierce in his Devil’s Dictionary, is “a method of distinction so cheap that fools employ it to accentuate their incapacity.” If you’re looking for fools, and want to observe them accentuating their incapacity, you need look no further than contemporary sexual progressivists. Though, I must warn you, you may not know whether to laugh or cry.

Exhibit A would be a 19 March op-ed in The Washington Post entitled: “The latest form of transphobia: Saying lesbians are going extinct,” by Lynne Stahl, a humanities librarian at West Virginia University. Stahl objects to concerns among gays and lesbians that transgenderism represents an existential threat to their existence. You might be curious as to how one member of the LGBTQ acronym could possibly be a threat to two of the others. The answer, explains Stahl, is that many gay and lesbian persons fear that the popularity of transgenderism persuades many, rather than remaining “cisgender” gay or lesbian, to “transition” to the other gender. 

Stahl, a self-described “cisgender lesbian,” describes such concerns as another manifestation of “transphobia,” by which she means that people expressing such fears, including heterosexuals, are exhibiting their own prejudices and biases against another victim class, namely, transsexuals. This is ironic (or, one might say, hypocritical), given that homosexual persons are supposed to also be a group of oppressed persons with grievances against an oppressive, “heteronormative” American society. As George Orwell vis-a-vis his classic Animal Farm might note, the oppressed, upon their ascension to power, have a tendency to become the oppressors they so emphatically despise and malign.

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