Some time ago I went to the zoo and saw this bear. He sat there looking at me and I looking at him. So I asked him, “Where are you?”

He didn’t reply. He kept looking at me wondering who is this idiot talking to a bear and expecting an answer. But he did not comprehend the depth and wisdom of my question. He was sitting there in a very large area full of bushes, trees and grass and shade and so on. A bit like being in the wild really. As far as he was concerned he thought he was in his native environment. Not that he knew where his native environment was. He was probably born there where he was. So to him, he was happy at home. Little did he know he was in a zoo. In a closed and secure environment from which he could not escape. He did not care about the fence between him and me. He had plenty of room in which to enjoy life and I was an unwelcome distraction.

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