All great parents discern what is best for their children by weighing what keeps them safe and what is best for their development into adulthood. This has been a year when countless families have spent more time together than ever before. An opinion column for The New York Times entitled “I Hate the Mom That Covid Has Made Me” sheds light on the casualties inflicted on the family, particularly parents, over the last year. 

Lockdowns involved parents being around their children more often which, in many cases, results in heated tension over spaces in the house and the craving for privacy even amidst the cabin fever. The author of this piece is a psychotherapist named Kristen Howerton who dials into the negative mental impacts of COVID-19 on her children, and children in general. But she overlooks the negative consequences of her very own words and actions: pandemic parenting has created worse parenting because their obedience to the mainstream media has imprisoned them. 

The questions that consistently come across Howerton’s mind and the minds of countless parents who allow their children to leave the house are: “Are they really leaving those masks on? Are they going to be responsible, or will they bend to social pressure? Am I doing the right thing letting them go? Is this really safe? Am I going to catch Covid because I let them go skating?”

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