Today is Spy Wednesday in our tradition, the day on which Judas Iscariot decided to hand over Our Lord for thirty pieces of silver which, as the sermon at Mass this morning pointed out, was the price of a slave. Christ allowed Himself to be given into the hands of men, as the price of our salvation, and the worth of that Gift is beyond human calculation, infinite in His love for us. And all things work for the good for those who return that love. We should keep that in mind in these fractious times, that, at the end of the day, we will all be weighed and measured on our love, for God, and for one another.

It is indeed odd, as Father Goering says, that we would find these two particular fragments of early Biblical texts, after a decades-long dry spell. There are no real coincidences in God’s providence, which is ‘concrete and immediate’ as the Catechism says. What is the Father of all saying to churches, to the Church, and to us all?

The cast of unsavory characters behind the movement known as BLM – its founders – evince its true mission – Marxist, Leninist, Nietzschean, and generally the inversion and subversion of all traditional values. ‘Whiteness’ is code for civilization, culture and Christianity in general, which they aim to eradicate. Ironic that all these people are who they are due to the benefits of that same civilization – the universities, the cities, the well-built homes, cars, infrastructure, an economy built on market capitalism rewarding discipline, know-how and hard work. And they want to bring it all crashing down, and you with it. We can say, for now, keep up the good fight of the Faith, and for truth, and freedom. The author of the aforelinked article ends off with the six lines from a poem that foundress Alicia Garza has tattooed on her chest:

Praise the Lord

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