Editor’s note: Recently, we asked people to send in articles relating their stories of faith, family traditions, and conversion. The following comes to us from Mr. Daniel A. S. Barrett, who journeyed by a somewhat unconventional path from a sort of nominal, post-conciliar Catholicism to a life rich with Catholic Tradition, a big family, and multiple children who entered religious life. 

In the year 1975 I was living in the small town of Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada. My wife, two children and I, were living much like everyone else in the Catholic Church, faced with the torrent of changes at that time. It was then that I received a strong inspiration to read the Bible, which seemed odd, since up until then I never had the slightest desire to read the good book. I decided to acquire one, but at my first attempt the parish priest told me they were out of stock and to check back in a few weeks. Finally, it arrived, and as I read I was enlightened by the message I found there; I knew my life needed to change.

The gospel of St. Luke reminded me of the Rosary, and that I should be saying it. My wife, of good Catholic French Acadian stock, remembered saying it when she was young. Her mother always had a strong devotion to it. So from then on we began to say the family rosary daily. I also needed to address the practice of contraception. We had been using this for some time, but I now knew it could continue no longer. Providentially this coincided with my wife’s doctor’s advice of putting a stop to it for health reasons. He also said that a new pregnancy may help with her arthritis. With the help of St. Gerard, the patron of expectant mothers, our family quickly grew from two to seven healthy and happy children. This seemed to me a real miracle.

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