The South Korean film, Parasite tells the story of the “Kim’s” a poor family who are looking for a better life.  The Kim’s son, Ki-Woo, serendipitously lands a job with a rich family (the Park’s) and uses his connections to covertly bring in his father, mother and sister to work for and eventually live off the wealth of the Parks.

Apart from making me laugh, the film made me think more deeply about some of the issues that plague our society.  For example, a monsoon hits the neighbourhood of the Kim’s and they are washed out of their home and struggle to hold onto their possessions.  The same monsoon however hits the Parks without the same consequence.  The Park’s home is safe, their children are safe, and it seems like nothing has happened.

This was scary to notice.  An entire neighbourhood becomes flooded and destitute in one evening, and in another neighbourhood, nobody is aware of a thing.  In fact the Park’s were going to organize a party the next day!

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