I read a lot of bad and sad news for work, which makes me unhappy. To cope, I have been keeping a “wellness journal”; I bought a personalised one from a quality paper company. It has pre-printed pages where you can fill in the date, your “intention for the day”,  your hours of sleep, your meals, your water intake, your activities, your “self-care,” your mood, your daily successes, your thoughts, and what you are currently grateful for. 

In the back there is graph paper, as in a bullet journal. I use it to record my hours of language study and time out of doors. 

I kept diaries until l began to blog (and even after that I kept travel journals), so this combination of tracking and writing suits me well. Writing down everything I eat seems to make me eat less, and the fun of filling in the water symbols makes me drink more. I definitely spend more time outdoors, now that I deliberately think about it. 

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