George Santayana’s aphorism that those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it came to mind quite forcefully this week. And, I thought, if ignorance of history is so deleterious, what are we to say of the ignorance of philosophy, of revealed truth, of Christ and His salvific message of hope in suffering?

Well, you get the horror show unfolding before us, with Trudeau’s ‘Liberal’ government – scare quotes since I don’t think they quite know what ‘freedom’ is – pushing through the expansion of euthanasia. The legislation is currently back in the House of Commons after being expanded even further in the Senate. Such was predicted when ‘MAiD’ – my disdain for that acronym defies words – was first legalized in 2016, with its flimsy ‘safeguards’.

Now, under the auspices of its reincarnation as Bill C-7, euthanasia will now include the mentally ill – we may presume those suffering depression and anxiety, but what of Down’s syndrome, developmental delay, autism? Along with that, they are also removing requirement that death from one’s condition be ‘foreseeable’. All in all, it will soon be death on demand, by a doctor near you. And although many readers cannot find a physician to help keep them healthy and alive, I’m rather confident there would be one available to send you efficiently into eternity, for such, we may presume, saves money, freeing up resources for those who want, or deserve, to live.

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