Before a reflection from long-time contributor Terry McDermott, a health-care worker, a few words from your friendly neighbourhood editor:

The Covid vaccine is, to put it mildly, a controversial topic, on which both society and the Church seem divided. Opinions are firmly held, even amongst health-care workers, and emotions follow. The Church has clarified that the vaccine is not ‘intrinsically evil’, but that does not mean it may be wrong to get it, if we don’t need it, and all the ones on the market are still morally compromised and problematical in many ways. We should at least be cautious, and not feel coerced into this – regardless of what certain Church leaders may say, along with any number of secular authorities. The Church has also, in her official teaching, made it quite clear that we have the freedom to choose – and refuse. (See here for a summary)

We should especially take into account the perspective of the younger and healthy, to whom this vaccine seems to pose some degree of significant risk (as it does for all). The side effects – what we are permitted to know of them – are already piling up. I don’t think we have ever vaccinated an entire healthy population for the sake of a very few (especially the elderly) who might be at some risk, and who could be protected in other ways. The vaccine has not been fully tested, is being rushed into service, is of dubious origin, is tainted with various degrees of connection to abortion and fetal stem cells. And it works in a way no other vaccine has worked (by some level of genetic modification), whose short-and-long-term effects are unknown and perhaps unknowable. Besides all this is, it is funded by population control zealots (Bill Gates, et al.), who are quite open about their desire to control and limit human population growth (and even human behaviour, such as travel), along with other nefarious aims.

Praise the Lord

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