As the Vatican continues its bizarre feud with the venerable Roman Rite, going so far as to prohibit the offering of the Ancient Mass in St. Peter’s upper basilica (the very Mass for which that basilica was built), it is delightful to be able to share some very good news.

Benedictus, the “Traditional Catholic Companion,” has just been launched by Sophia Institute Press. As one of several consultants involved in the project, I cannot recommend this resource enough. Similar to the Magnificat magazine that many are familiar with, Benedictus is a subscription-based pocket-sized monthly booklet that comes loaded with content for daily prayer and study: roughly 400 pages per issue.

The marked difference with Benedictus, of course, is that it is patterned exclusively on the traditional liturgy, and draws on the piety and scholarship of the ages of faith. It includes daily excerpts from Lauds and Vespers of the traditional Roman Breviary, texts for the Latin Mass of each day following the 1962 calendar (although keeping an eye on the slow growth of pre-55 practices), a daily meditation from a Saint or classical author, beautiful art and catechesis sections, and more.

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