This is the Blessed Mother’s lesson to us. Always say “yes” to God.

I write this on the Solemnity of the Annunciation, which recalls Gabriel’s announcement to Mary that she had been chosen by God to be the virgin mother of His incarnate Son. As we all know, she gave her unqualified fiat, “let it be done,” to this wondrous call from the Almighty. Her “yes” arose from her complete trust in the goodness, wisdom and providence of God. Mary shows us that God is fully worthy of our trust. He knows what He is doing and the purpose for which He calls us. “Let me think about it;” “I’m not quite sure I can do this;” “Surely you could think of someone better to choose.” These and similar responses are all the wrong answers when God calls. The only right answer is “yes.”

On this same day we have all received the joyful news of the appointment by Pope Francis of an Edmonton priest, Father Stephen Hero, as Bishop of the Diocese of Prince Albert. Now Bishop-Elect Hero gave his “yes” to the call of God reaching him through the voice of the Church, and we are very grateful that he did! Here in Edmonton we are deeply sorry to see him leave us, of course, but know that he will make a wonderful Bishop. The clergy, religious and lay faithful of Prince Albert Diocese are blessed to receive him as their new Shepherd, and the Church in Canada will now be enriched as he becomes a member of the episcopal college.

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