This week, the Offices of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, with the specific assent of Pope Francis, issued an instruction stating that the Church cannot sanction blessings of homosexual relationships, partnerships, or other unions. Given the push in some influential Catholic circles, including from prominent German bishops, this was a most welcome statement. However, it may have come at a time when it will be viewed by much of the Catholic populace as just another irrelevant sexual proclamation.

In today’s world, emotion, rather than objective observation of nature, governs thinking. How often do we hear even Church-going Catholic youth (being 70, I consider anyone under 40 “youth”) contend, “Don’t those with homosexual attractions also have the right to be loved and to be happy?” This question is often the product of generations deprived of an education (even within Catholic high schools and universities) in renowned Western thought, which exemplified how to seek and recognize truth in the observation of nature, God’s creation, including most importantly, the essential nature of human beings. 

These same youth might be perfectly willing to accept that some children are born with, or develop, physical defects, but their emotional conditioning prevents them from acknowledging that there can be such congenital or developmental defects in the sexual sphere. So instead of recognizing what is built into mankind—the sexual compatibility between man and woman that has the potential to create life—and that true sexual intercourse and the ability to generate life between same sex persons are physically impossible and inconsistent with this human nature, their answer to this question turns on the emotional response that those with homosexual inclinations should be able to intimately love each other. 

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