I love minimalism when it means not having a lot of stuff. (I’m not so keen, I seem to recall, on minimalist art.) When B.A. was terribly sick four years ago, I read Marie Kondo’s book and got to work throwing away possessions that did not “spark joy.” B.A.’s CD collection did not spark joy, but as an act of wifely loyalty, I did not throw it away but instead filed it in shoe boxes in alphabetical order. I think I won an invisible Olympic Medal for Wifedom that day. 

Yesterday I clicked on Early Retirement Extreme (a minimalist’s feast) to see which post had been recycled that day, and it was one about owning only 100 things. As the charity shops have been closed for months, and I missed the window they were open, our closets and my desk are an utter mess. Perhaps that’s why I suddenly felt so amused and began to scribble a list of all the things I used that day. 

If you enjoy lists, you’re welcome to read the list, minus the food. I don’t think food should count as a possession, even though naturally it is good to have around. 

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