On Sunday March 28, for the first time since these meetings began 53 years ago, young people from all over the world were able to have a live virtual get-together with the Prelate of Opus Dei, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz. University centers from 64 different countries connected through the same link to a worldwide Zoom meeting.

“Since people can’t come to Rome this year, we are bringing Rome and the Prelate to the living rooms in many countries,” said Rosario and Monica, who opened and then led the dialogue. Greetings from Lebanon and Switzerland were heard along with those from Chile, Spain, Congo and the Philippines. Mexican cheers, French phrases, applause and messages in English were heard as well.

The Prelate of Opus Dei began by greeting the students and sharing his joy at the opportunity to meet with them. He stressed that, although face to face time is better, “this has the advantage of being able to be together with many more of you than would have been able to come to Rome. You can be present here with me in Rome, and with each other all over the world.”

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