Dissenting from Doubling Down

Are we still permitted to question and debate the mask and lockdowns, or is the new inquisition muzzling us in more than a figurative way?

Many – including physicians and health-care workers of all stripes – have been skeptical of the universal masking mandates, as well as the curfews and ‘stay at home’ orders, and their prophylactic efficacy: What do layers of fabric do to stop a virus that is so small it almost obeys the rules of the quantum world? People speak of ‘particularates’ and ‘expectoration’ with solemn and grave tones, as though viruses could vector no other way, when in fact there are any number of ‘other ways’. Anthony Fauci was doubtful of the masks at first – in fact, with all his decades in virology, he claimed masks ineffective, but you could wear them if you want, if doing so made you feel better. Then, he changed his tune, claiming that he only said that because there weren’t enough masks to go around, and, behold, now there are, so ignore what he just said.

As far as we know, Fauci has not repented of his deceit – but, then, who does in our world of doublespeak, where lying is now as facile as breathing, or at least as breathing used to be? But he is doubling down on masks, now claiming we should double – soon, perhaps even triple! – our masks, reasoning that if one works so well, two are ‘likely’ (the adverb is his own) to work even better, even if those who have difficulty breathing in one, might feel more suffocated in two.

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French Catholic women launch manifesto on feminine vocation in the Church

CNA Staff, Feb 20, 2021 / 03:11 pm (CNA).- A group of Catholic women in France has launched a manifesto to underscore the “beauty of the women’s specific vocation.”

The idea for the manifesto arose right after the publication of Pope Francis’ motu proprio Spiritus Domini. Issued on Jan. 10, 2021, the motu proprio changed Church law to permit women to exercise the lay ministries of lector and acolyte. In much of the world, women had already served the role of reading at Mass, although without being officially instituted in the “ministry” of lector.

The manifesto can be found on the La Vocation du Feminines website. As of Friday afternoon, it had attracted some 500 signatures. 

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