The scripture readings for this Sunday are among the ones I often recommend to women and men on retreat. First Samuel with the famous words: Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. John 1 with the dialogue between Jesus and his first disciples: Jesus asks, What are your looking for? What a central question!

His future disciples ask, Where are you staying? Jesus replies, Come and see. Samuel’s initial call invites us to listen carefully to God. That listening stance is the basis of prayer. Even when we think we are listening, there is often an obstacle, something preventing us from really listening.

Am I too focused on what I’m trying to say to God or myself? Am I too preoccupied with what I need to do or say to someone else? Do I already know what I’m going to hear from God? The Gospel reading invites us to ponder what we desire: what are you looking for?

Praise the Lord

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