For Biden’s inauguration, 25,000 troops were stationed in Washington, with much of the area around the Capitol and White House closed off. So much for the days of the ‘citizen president’, upon whom other citizens might drop in for a chat. Now not only is the commander-in-chief ensconced behind layers of military-style barricades, but so are the myriads of senators and congressmen, along with their staffer. Washington is a war-zone, or at least in their deluded, self-important, solipsistic minds of those now governing the nation.

Already, General Stanley McChrystal has likened Trump supporters to Al-Quaeda, since they ‘both had leaders who justified their violence’. I think McChrystal needs to be relieved of duty on a section 8 for delusional blindness. Behold Alec Baldwin had a ‘dream’ on MLK’s birthday of hanging Trump by a noose made of used Covid masks, which he tweeted, and was not barred by beardo Jack Dorsey. And what of that elderly comedienne, whose name I cannot and don’t really want to recall, holding the mock bloodied severed head of Trump? And what of the congressmen seriously considering ‘re-education’ camps for Trump supporters?

What of dialogue, unity and all that hand-holding?

Praise the Lord

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