A question for all of us, those who may see the vaccine as the prophylactic panacea to bring us back to peace and normality, all the way across that spectrum and widening divide separating many of us, to those adamant that they will never take the hastily approved conspiratorial concoction, come hell or high water. I may give my opinion on that in the midst of these thoughts,

We all must decide in that still small voice our tradition calls our conscience, that act of judgement on our own moral actions, on which I offered some principles from Saint Thomas. Our conscience must be as informed as we might make it, so that we can judge as much in accordance with objective truth.

One of the primary objections to the vaccine is its link to abortion, derived as some of them are from the cell line of an aborted baby decades ago, which raises the question of co-operation in the grave evil of the snuffing out of life – oft by heinous means – before birth.

Praise the Lord

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