I have to admit it: I’m an old white guy. In fact, I am a privileged old white guy. To be honest, I am a very privileged old white guy. I grew up in a middle class home with a successful businessman for a father. My mom was a “homemaker.” Mom and Dad both considered their primary vocation to be Christian parents, and to raise their five kids to “love and serve the Lord.”

Dad paid for college. Having been given a strong work ethic, I worked hard, did well, and made my way not only to grad school, but to Oxford. I was ordained as a minister, eventually got married to a wonderful woman, and we have four terrific children—all of whom have graduated from college and are doing well. My wife has her own business, and I’m blessed to have a job I love, which allows time to write.

With such blessings, it is my duty to share them as I can. Therefore, it was a joyful challenge when the bishop asked me to become the pastor of a Catholic parish in a difficult part of town. Our Lady of the Rosary is situated in the midst of the most challenging socio-economic area in prosperous Greenville, South Carolina. In the vicinity of the church, folks suffer from homelessness, drug trafficking, unemployment, and the high level of crime that goes with these social problems.

Praise the Lord

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