Edith lived in between the Glowjob tanning salon and the Third Eye Tattoo Parlour, Art Gallery and Recording studio.  There was always a song in Edith’s heart but she never felt inclined to have it recorded. It was just there within her waiting to be sung in its various forms. She sang when she didn’t know what else to do, this was usually when she encountered another person at their wit’s end. People who were mute or screaming after a potent cocktail of too much stimulation by media and an excess of neglect by their fellow man.

Edith met these sorts of people often on her wanderings. Every day she discovered a different mission as she found novel paths along the same way. At first she had selfishly worried that waking up and following her cravings might lead her to become obese with her own desires. Yet she soon understood that so long as they were really her actual desires and not unnecessary longings introduced by the slavish advertising world, then she wouldn’t ever get fat with stuff.

In fact she was pleasingly plump by her own navigation. She always thought that her creator was coaxing her towards the best version of herself though she sometimes wondered if there was a more direct route than the one she was on. Mistakenly she believed that she knew what that was. Does everyone suffer at some time or another from this confusion? The idea that God’s plan is known through some image put into the mind by a few men has created so many strangely structured belief systems, fuelled so much suffering after all…

Praise the Lord

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