The Virtue of Humility often gets a bad “rap.” If you associate it with being a pushover, a patsy, weak, and to be avoided at all costs, you don’t understand this important virtue. Humility is about truth, the fundament truth of who we are as human beings in relation to the One Who created us: precious though imperfect.

The late reporter and author, Edwin Dobb, expressed his feelings about this virtue in this way: “Gazing at the night sky, at the stars, and the planets invariably speaks to me of the profound humility I feel before the enormity of the universe.”

We each have strengths and weaknesses; to deny either is to fall into false humility. Humility is not about putting ourselves down, not about doubting our competence, and certainly not engaging in what writer David Tristan shared in the October issue of the magazine, Res Gestae: “negative self-talk.” King David got it right when he wrote these words in Psalm 139: “I give you thanks that I am fearfully, wonderfully made”(verses 13-14).

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