I imagine the majority of readers here at Crisis are from the great nation a couple hours south of my hometown. As a Canadian I grew up in a culture that was heavily influenced by all the good—and the bad—that comes from my southern neighbor, and I have great affection for the USA. But there is an ugly character trait that many Canadians revel in—namely, anti-Americanism. 

I recall a class during my undergraduate degree about Canadian history since the Second World War. In a rare turn of events, I actually had a professor from the Social Sciences Department who was not a Marxist, Leftist, history-hating radical; he was a true patriot and loved our country. In any case, it was a typical campus setting for a major Canadian university, the seats filled with an array of students from all over the country. Many of them were immigrants or the children of immigrants (like myself), and many were international students. At the onset of the first class, the professor asked us to define what it meant to be a “Canadian.” Sadly, no one really had a sufficient answer. We have been so effectively brainwashed here that most Canadians will blabber about hockey or diversity as being the markers of what constitutes a Canadian. I love hockey and a variety of ethnic restaurants as much as the next Canuck, but there must be more to our identity than that. 

The professor then said, “Raise your hand if you think being Canadian means not being American.” Most of the class chuckled and raised their hands. Well, needless to say, Canada in some ways had an inferiority complex with regard to the USA, and that has not changed. But now, I might say that one of the only things we have been truly superior to our American brethren—besides proper English spelling—is becoming more equitable in distribution with our Yankee friends. I am speaking of Marxist tyranny. If there is one thing at which we Canadians have been better than America over the last five decades, it is selling ourselves out to globalist morons who wish to leech off our resources and erase our cultural patrimony.

Praise the Lord

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