The new Biden administration can disrupt the second Cold War by disengaging Russia from China. 

First, a mea culpa. Heck, mea maxima culpa. I apologize for the current state of relations between the United States and Communist China. I am guilty of an offense that occurred maybe 50 years ago. 

As a young know-it-all with a BA in history and political science, and as a very junior Navy officer, I was allowed to take a senior officers’ correspondence course from the Naval War College.  In an essay on International Relations, I suggested that—given the Sino-Soviet bloc—the United States might do a diplomatic equivalent of the sailing Navy tactic of breaking through the enemy line. In this model, one fleet would break through the enemy line, and defeat both segments in turn.  The United States, I argued, should detach China from Russia, then deal with each individually. 

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