My wife was at the rally in Washington DC yesterday. She went in a small bus with a handful of conservative men and women, most of them well into their 60s. A friend of ours was there with her children. There were many children there. Participants were given specific instructions in advance about how to avoid the violence perpetrated by leftists upon Trump supporters, something we have now seen for years.

My wife says several hundred thousand were there at the Ellipse and stretching across the Mall and past the Washington Monument. She said it was larger than the largest March for Life she has ever seen. The rally began at 7 a.m. and ended after the president spoke sometime around 1 p.m. Then, like pretty much every Washington DC protest rally, participants marched up Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol.  

The Capitol was fenced off well down the hill from that historic building. Scaffolding had been set up in advance of the upcoming presidential swearing-in. Inside, Congress was meeting to count the Electoral College votes and to hear the challenge from members who wanted the Congress to examine charges of election fraud in our recent presidential race.

Praise the Lord

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