Just after Christmas, – at least they waited until after, and we must count all our blessings – Mr. Doug Ford decreed another interminable lockdown in our province in Ontario, as is the case in a good portion of the rest of Canada, and the world. A date may be given for the misery to end, but the goalpost keeps moving; oh, you may have relief for a while, then, yes, the looming hammer strikes again, like some nightmarish Kafka novel. To paraphrase Mark Steyn, we began with 15 days to ‘flatten the curve’, and we’re now heading towards 15 months to flatten all of us. Here is one commentator on his site which pretty much sums it up:

Clearly, if cases are rising exponentially while we are under lockdown and wearing masks everywhere with no entertainment, physical activity, schooling for our children, family gatherings, social events or other forms of human normalcy, what we need is more curfew. A stricter, stronger one – one that is much, much, much more punitive ‘coz our leaders have seen that there’s not quite enough misery, not quite enough human wreckage, suicides, bankruptcies and overdoses. There’s just not enough despair yet, people! Not enough bodies and spirits have been crushed yet by a Thousand Chinese Communist Cuts so the evil, spineless goons governing us are going to put the screws to us even harder and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze.  

What will future historians, presuming there are any, write about Ontario in this epoch, to say nothing of the rest of Canada, as it undergoes its own assassination – let’s call it a slow, strangling euthanasia – by the likes of Doug Ford and his medical mandarins? How could they have been so unhinged from reality? I just read that, besides the totalitarian lockdown, he is now pondering police-enforced curfews, reminiscent of the worst days of any dictatorial regime. They are putting one in place in Quebec, from 8 pm to 5 am, and Ontario’s being urged to follow the statist suit of our neighbours. Curfews? I never had those growing up – my parents, perhaps not wisely, trusted us boys – and am not about to submit to one now.

Praise the Lord

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