The Congressional certification of the 2020 presidential election scheduled for today shows every sign of becoming a real circus. Whether the efforts of the President and his supporters—namely, to undo what is widely considered to have been a spectacularly fraudulent election—will succeed or not will may be known by the time you read these words. Either way, what is fascinating to watch is the horrified reaction of the dominant establishment.

On January 3, CNN ran an article by Gregory Krieg with the eye-catching title of Republican Efforts to Undermine Biden Victory Expose Growing Anti-Democratic Streak. A masterpiece of breathless and hysterical prose, the screed opens with what is in reality the major fear for CNN and those whose mouthpiece the news station is: “The scattershot efforts to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory are coalescing into a movement led by top Republicans, who are determined to exploit a manufactured crisis for broader political gains.” One suppresses other reactions to focus on what is the actual fear being expressed on the part of these folks.

Ever since their meltdown on the election night of 2016, CNN and the other media employed by Trump’s opponents have kept up a ceaseless drumbeat against him. Many of us, who have not always been great admirers of the president, soon tired of the never-ending and often incoherent chorus of disapproval. After all, had we not endured eight years of Obama? Did we not attempt to make the best of what, by the last year of that administration, had become a virtually intolerable situation? In the wake of the riots in Maryland, Missouri, and elsewhere, Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke opined that Obama had “declared war on law enforcement.” My personal Waterloo came when the then-president ordered Federal funding—that is, free lunches for poor children—cut off from certain public schools that refused to allow boys to use girls’ restrooms and locker rooms, etc. The prospect of another four years of such policies is really what defeated Mrs. Clinton. Totally unexpected by the elites or their media minions (hence their shock and unquenchable anger against the Orangeman), it nevertheless reassured half or more of the country that their votes and opinions really did matter. 

Praise the Lord

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