The COVID-19 lockdown has placed a greater burden on the poor as many have lost their jobs or homes and are seeking assistance. In a previous post I discussed the obligation of almsgiving according to the authoritative sources of the Church. Here I argued that this obligation is binding on all Christians according to their state and circumstances, and in some instances can be grave. In a second post I discussed how the Marxists always use the poor for the sake of their own power and ideology, when in fact they care neither for the poor nor for mankind. As 2020 draws to a close, we continue to see the Marxists and other ideologues within or without the Church attempting to use the poor for their own wicked ends. It is truly a nefarious and Satanic thing to use the vulnerable and needy people for the sake of evil.

When those outside the Church evaluate her according to their materialist ideologies, they are forced to admit that she is the greatest humanitarian organization in the history of the world. The so-called “Enlightenment” project was intended to outdo the Church in purely natural goods. This has failed and continues to fail as the unborn holocaust spreads its darkness across the globe. Child murder is the prime example of this failure, because the Brave New World of post-Christianity solves the problem of pain by hurting nature itself. The “solution” offered to woman is to hurt her nature and murder her child. The masculine virtue—which might seek to save the child and the mother—is dismissed as “toxic masculinity.” The Marxist vision therefore is hostile to human nature, and thus it can never hope to “build back better” the fallen world because its solution is to kill human life, whether through abortion or population control.

This error redounds to hurt the poor and vulnerable. First, because the Marxist sexual revolution creates poverty. Children born out of wedlock, by definition, are born into poverty. Marriage, considered on the natural level only, is a vow of security and provision and the most powerful force against poverty. A child born to married parents is born into income security. If the Marxists really cared about poverty they would promote marriage. Instead, they switch to their second tactic: blame poverty on the political structure. This allows them to focus their effort for “change” not on themselves, but on some enemy outside themselves. Finally, the Marxist, by first creating poverty and blaming it on politics, can then whip up the mob to give him the power he desires. He can then promise the mob sexual freedom in exchange for power. This is the wicked cycle of our world right now.

Praise the Lord

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