Don’t you hate it when fellow Catholics say to you: “The Church has faced crises worse than this one before”?

You hate it because you know it’s false. Of several popes who flirted with heresy, only two seem to have crossed a line: Honorius and John XXII. Honorius made one error in regard to Christology; he did so in a letter to a bishop. And for this he was posthumously anathematized and excommunicated as a heretic by an ecumenical council and by several of his successors in the papacy. John XXII preached a false position about the beatific vision in a series of sermons—an error that was immediately attacked by theologians of his day. He retracted it on his deathbed. Could anyone in his right mind dream of comparing the versatile disaster of the Francis papacy to either Honorius or John XXII? It’s like comparing Stalin to mischievous Boy Scouts.

If you press your point, they might backtrack a little: “Well, at least there have been other crises comparable to this one.”

Praise the Lord

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