MPP Roman Baber has written a public letter to Premier Doug Ford, requesting an end to the draconian lockdown measures, claiming, quite reasonably, that that they are inflicting far more harm, than good – if any good at all. His evidence seems clear and he writes respectfully, that almost all the deaths are in long-term care homes of the aged, that most of the population is not at any significant risk, and that the draconian measures are crushing not just the economy, but people – with businesses shuttering, bankruptcies, depressions, divorces, suicides and suicidal thoughts,. And the relationship amongst the people, the police, and the politicians is becoming increasingly fraught and antagonistic

As an elected representative of the aforementioned ‘people’, Mr. Baber has the right, even the duty, to speak his mind, and to say what millions, if not the majority of those ‘crushed people’, are also thinking.

But Ford obtusely refuses to listen, and in dictatorial fashion, has expelled Mr. Baber from the ‘Conservative’ Party, for ‘acting irresponsibly’ and ‘breaking party lines’, even barring Baber from ever running again. Such is Ford’s version of free speech. We should admire and imitate Baber’s courage and forthrightness – might this be the act that turns the tide of tyranny?

Praise the Lord

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