My name is Angelina Ireland. I am the President of the Board of the Delta Hospice Society.

I came to the Society 7 years ago as a cancer patient and utilized the support services offered by the Society. I was very fortunate to recover to good health. I am like every other person involved in the Delta Hospice Society. We give it our heart, our time and our energy. Some of the friends I met in treatment did not recover and ended up passing away inside of this hospice. It is for people like them – who came before us and those that will come after us – that we have fought for the past 12 months to keep euthanasia out of this hospice.

Today the Delta Hospice Society has been forced to issue layoff notices to our clinical staff prior to us being pushed out of our own Hospice. We must inform them that we will no longer be their employer effective Feb. 24, 2021.

Praise the Lord

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