Happy New Year! We have just journeyed through the beginning of a new church year with Advent and the quiet waiting for the coming of the Lord as a helpless baby. We then celebrated the Christmas season joyfully, uniquely, as we followed Jesus from infancy to childhood and baptism as a grown man. We, now in Ordinary Time, watch Jesus’ ministry. We watch almost an entire life proceed in a few short weeks and will soon follow His brief journey in ministry before He is unjustly condemned and brutally crucified.

The pandemic has slowed everything. Interestingly, while it has been almost one year since Canadians were plunged into this “horseman of the apocalypse,” I can almost feel every moment in January and February 2020 when I knew not of this impending danger. I look at nearly everything these days in relation to how my family and League sisters are managing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some days are better than others. New Brunswick had been relatively unscathed until this month, mostly due to the sacrifices mandated by the provincial government and taken upon themselves by the citizenry. The province began in the red phase (total shutdown), then to orange with a bit more freedom and then yellow, an almost normal period. It has since reverted to the orange phase for many reasons, no doubt common to most provinces and territories.

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