People who are not governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.  William Penn

So much has happened in the past ten weeks that it’s impossible to itemize it all here. Even so, the dust and fog fueled by the hurricane of mendacity that’s been passing for ‘news’ is lifting. And it’s lifting despite the continuing misinformation aimed at keeping citizens from asking any serious questions about the recent elections for fear of being ‘cancelled’, jailed and even impeached.

We all know there was an election November 3. We all know that when we went to bed that night, incumbent U.S. president Donald J. Trump was winning re-election handily, even in the five swing states. But beginning around 2am, a time that appeared co-ordinated in all swing states, Trump started  losing votes. After which time the burgeoning evidence of voter fraud began to show itself in at least five ways beginning with The Georgia Late Night Hidden Suitcase Heist wherein after the vote counters and observers were sent home, video cameras recorded several suitcases of votes brought out of hiding by three Democratic operatives who were then recorded running the same batches of ballots through the counting machines at least three times!

Praise the Lord

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