It is good to be as spontaneous as possible in prayer with the Lord, to speak to him in our words rather than somebody else’s. But, at the same time, some kind of structure or procedure will be helpful. Different programs will work for different people.

The structure I use for my personal prayer time usually works reasonably well for me, but I have learned that the Lord wants me to be flexible enough to change it to suit his particular purposes for any given day. It may involve leaving out some, many, or all, of my carefully constructed sections.

In any case, God wants a commitment from me to spend daily time with him. It is only in this way that he can effectively deal with me, straighten me out when I need it, and keep me reasonably on track. Jesus calls us into friendship with Him, with the Father and with the Holy Spirit. To be friends, we have to spend time together.

Praise the Lord

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