Many may remember the strange and shocking video “This Is America” by rapper Donald Glover, which gained much attention two years ago and is now making a comeback. The images of an America descending into hatred, madness, violence, chaos, and fear were both astute and apocalyptic. Glover was primarily making a statement about racism, but the terrifying tone of the America he paints is applicable to these days of exhausted turmoil and division, which exploded in a riot on Capitol Hill during the Electoral certification by Congress. Although the political process carried on, anger fomented and swirled.

This is America—but this isn’t American. It’s time for us to decide what it means to be American, if there is to be an America in the future. Though every American should be deeply concerned about the integrity of our precious votes—and granting that there is a time and a place for revolution—what happened in Washington, D.C. was outrageous evidence that Americans should return to the small and beautiful things that make us Americans, and that make America the nation that it must be.

To put it simply and obviously, Americans must be good if this country is to be great, and what we all saw last week were not the actions of good people. We all have to do our part in being hardworking, honest, decent folk, who live by our Faith, care for our families, and look after our neighbors. It is in these smaller circles of community and local government that the principle of subsidiarity comes into political effect to affect the federal government, the Congress, and the presidency.

Praise the Lord

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