Father Don MacDonald honoured by Anglicans for ecumenism efforts

Rev. Don MacDonald, a longtime professor at Newman Theological College, got a wonderful surprise during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity this year.

He received the title of ecumenical Honorary Canon of the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton in recognition of his work on ecumenism.

“As you step down from your role in the Edmonton Anglican-Roman Catholic ecumenical dialogue, I send my love and prayers. Your work and ministry have been exemplary in showing how as followers of Jesus Christ we are all called to be one,” Anglican Bishop Jane Alexander wrote in her letter conferring the honour on Father MacDonald.

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Canadian student journalist fired for Catholic views charges discrimination

Toronto, Canada, Jan 26, 2021 / 03:01 pm (CNA).- A Catholic student who said his university’s newspaper wrongly fired him for his critical views of homosexuality and transgenderism has filed a claim in a Canadian human rights tribunal, saying he was wrongly discriminated against.


Jonathan Bradley, a 21-year-old fourth-year journalism student at Ryerson University in Toronto, was cut from The Eyeopener in June 2020 after a former student posted to Twitter a three-year-old private discussion on religion, homosexuality, and transgender people in the military.

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Deep Roots in a Whirlwind World

Today’s memorial for Sts Timothy and Titus is a lesson in apostolic succession. St Paul ordains the next generation and hands his apostolic authority on to Timothy and Titus. This should remind us of the astonishing fact of the continued existence of the Catholic Church. Apart from the survival of the Jews, the survival of the Catholic Church is one of history’s most amazing realities.

Of course I realize that there are other ancient religions. Buddhism goes back to the sixth century BC and Hinduism is even older, but both religions have existed at a cultural level rather than a formal institutional level. Catholicism is not just a cultural and spiritual entity, but is also an institutional entity. It has buildings and canon law, a hierarchy, a formal structure and is composed of a whole integrated system of philosophy, morals, liturgy, spirituality, economics and ethics.

I often think of this as I am vesting to say Mass. I wear the alb, don the stole, pull on the chasuble and think how odd and wonderful it is that I am a man in America in the 21st century donning the robes of a Roman patrician from two thousand years ago. We are blessed to worship in a beautiful new Romanesque church which echoes the basilica churches of Rome and as such we worship in continuity with the past in a way that is real, solid and substantial.

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