The other day I indulged in a bit of a rant against the mainstream Bible scholars who have made an industry of de-bunking the gospels and trying to show them to be late compositions written by anonymous authors to add mythological magical details to the story of Jesus the peasant preacher from Galilee.

I received this discouraging comment on the post:

I am in a masters of theology program at a Catholic university right now. I have to say, the biblical courses I have taken so far have been spiritual position. The theories of Catholic “historical-critical” scholars of the 70s-90s are presented as incontrovertible. The Gospels were written late by unknown authors and almost none of the material contained in them actually happened. Almost all of it was made up after the fact by people who never saw or knew Jesus. Benedict XVI’s “Jesus of Nazareth” series is derided as not reflecting “real” biblical scholarship since he dares to examine the Gospels through the lens of faith rather than from a cold hard “scientific” point of view. The newer generation of Catholic biblical scholars who dare to question the “dogmas” of Raymond Brown, et al (such as Scott Hahn, Brandt Pitre, John Bergsma) are ridiculed. Any attempt to harmonize the Gospels is seen as fundamentalist and therefore unworthy of a “scholar.” It’s very disheartening.

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