The Standing Commission of the Episcopal Conference of Venezuela sends a message to the people of God in view of the legislative elections for the renewal of the unicameral Parliament, scheduled for December 6, reported Fides News Agency. In this context, she reaffirms what had already been declared: “far from contributing to the democratic resolution of the political situation that we are currently experiencing, they tend to worsen it and will not help to solve the real problems of the people”.

At the same time, the Bishops re-launch the urgent appeal “to all those who dedicate their efforts to politics and to the various civil society organizations, to continue to make common efforts to restore the nation’s democratic rights”. They, therefore, recall that all initiatives are necessary and important, such as popular consultation, as “people have full right to express themselves through the legitimate channels guaranteed by the Constitution, by expressing their opinion as an authentic social subject”.

Faithful to their ministry as Pastors and as citizens of Venezuela, the Bishops invite “to a serious discernment that will lead us to seek a just, peaceful, democratic and negotiated resolution among all Venezuelans, to the multifaceted crisis that is affecting Venezuela”. They, therefore, exhort not to be overwhelmed by discouragement. On the contrary, “we must continue to do everything possible and to work for the unity, peace, and prosperity of the nation, putting the common good first”.

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