The turmoil of the abuse crisis has made it hard to find or make sense of travesty in the new world shaped by “progressive values.” The recent McCarrick Rport does little to clarify it. A broader look at the cultural movements of the 1960s paints a clearer picture. The problem started with the counterculture revolution’s sexual laxity, with influential figures such as Alfred Kinsey and Michel Foucault advocating that anything, even pedophilia, is a form of liberation. Many in the Church went along with these attitudes. The hierarchy was hesitant to keep that in check because this new culture views morals as completely personal, and it would make them look “homophobic.” Understandably, this scourge is rife in secular society, only they have not come to terms with it. Michel Foucault is still the most influential scholar in all of academia, despite advocating for pedophilia. Many institutions fall prey to it. The Church’s major sin was to let in secular society’s gender theory. The abuse crisis was a penetration of secular ideas into the Church.

The problem started with New Left radicals. Prominent intellectuals such as Kinsey and Foucault argued that pederasty was a form of liberation and that the laws against it were unjust. Kinsey founded the field of sexual studies and claimed, based on “data” from a single pedophile who raped hundreds of people, that children are sexual from as young as two months old. Foucault was a major proponent of a petition to decriminalize all sexual relations between adults and children under fifteen. He argued that it is oppressive to assume that a child cannot give consent, “that a child is incapable of explaining what happened and was incapable of giving his consent are two abuses that are intolerable, quite unacceptable.” Moreover, he maintained, sex with children is actually a great good. Foucault, alongside Sartre and much of the French left-wing intelligentsia, forcefully argued that sex with minors is a form of bodily liberation. Further, they argued that the law and punishment in general is unjust oppression.

These men are incredibly influential. According to a study by the Spanish National Research Council, Foucault is the most widely cited author in academia. Kinsey is lauded as the father of the sexual revolution, and a research institute proudly bears his name and furthers his ideas at Indiana University. They are part of a wider intellectual movement spanning from Rousseau to Schopenhauer to Freud, Marx, and Nietzsche. The travesty of such sexual laxity started with the progressives of the counterculture revolution. Kinsey’s “data” sparked a major change in the law, with sanctions on many sexual crimes reduced or eliminated, especially from the Model Penal Code. A recent Der Spiegel article admits that “it was precisely in so-called progressive circles that an eroticization of childhood and gradual lowering of taboos began.” While secular society is generally in denial, some admit that the problem started with these “progressives.”

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