Before telling my story, I would like to introduce myself to the reader. My name is Chezhiyan (my friends call me Chez), a software development manager by profession. I live and work in Bengaluru, where I was born forty-five years ago. This city in southern India is the center of the country’s fast-growing high-tech industry. I am happily married, with three wonderful children and a lovely wife who saved my life. But that is part of the story I want to tell.

In 2006, browsing the books at a big bookstore I found and bought a copy of The Way, by St. Josemaría Escrivá. Even if I had already vaguely heard about Opus Dei, I consider that book to be my first real contact with its message. So I started reading it at home and I have to confess that I didn’t understand much of what I was reading. I felt that I was not able to relate to the book, which very quickly became just one more unfinished book among others that were kept in my room.

Six years later, though, when I was 37, I was diagnosed with kidney failure. Following the directions of the doctors, I was immediately put on dialysis. I had to go to the hospital three times a week for a three-hour session each time. That situation forced me to change my routine and take a break from work.

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