“The Christmas we will experience at the Ark Village will be more intimate and more family-friendly than usual. In past years, the month of December represented a very eventful period, because many benefactors and friends came to visit and support us. This year, due to the Covid-19 containment measures, which mainly concern structures frequented by children, everything takes place in a restricted manner, with few and short accesses granted to outside guests. However, this does not decrease people’s generosity. We are currently receiving a great deal of aid”.

This is what Fr. Guido Trezzani, Director of Caritas Kazakhstan and missionary in the “Ark Village” reception community in Talgar, near Almaty, tells Fides News Agency.

The guests of the Village, explains the missionary, continue to benefit from distance learning courses, in the midst of many difficulties: “The poor quality of resources, the technical problems and the technological unpreparedness of the teachers are making these months of distance learning very difficult. We continue, therefore, to seek alternative forms of teaching, in order to provide both our people and potential external participants with alternative content to those provided by the school. Another problem linked to distance learning is not only learning that worsens but also the human and social factor. Our young people are surely less affected than the others because they have the possibility of socializing among themselves, but each one has personal friends in their own classes and this lack is felt”.

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